Our home is in the Alto Valle del Río Negro, one of the oldest and most prestigious wine regions in Argentina.

Our winery and vineyards are located in north Patagonia, in the Rio Negro province. We are set in the rural area of the small town of Ingeniero Huergo, 50 miles east of the city of Neuquén.

The climate in this region is quite arid (dry), with moderate temperatures and very little rain throughout the year. Winters are cold while summers are hot during the day (95 °F – 35 °C) and cool at night (60 °F – 15 °C).

Our wines are made with grapes from a 15 acre-vineyard, made up of 7.5 acres of Malbec and 2.4 acres Merlot, 2.4 Sauvignon Blanc and 2.4 Cabernet Franc, all of which are grown in the north side of the Río Negro Valley. The vines are certified by the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA). This certification ensures that 100% of the grapes we use in each wine is exactly of the proper variety.
The 15-acre vineyard was planted in 2000. We make our Km 1120 Natural Sweet White Wine with grapes of a variety called Serna, which was developed in Argentina from the crossbreed of Pink Muscatel, Cardinal and Sultanine. In this case the grapes come from a tiny parcel of 2 acres planted by us in 2010.

The building depicted in the label of our wines Km 1120 is the old train station of Ingeniero Huergo.

Our founders, Ángel Moschini and Teresa Precoma, in the present day.

In 2018 we added 2 more acres of Serna, 2 of Malbec, 2 of Cabernet Franc and one row of Chardonnay.

We only use our best grapes to make our wines, and we sell the rest to other wine makers of the region, such as Infinitus of Fabré Montmayou, Miras, Favretto and Antigua Bodega Patagónica, among others.

In 2013 we started working with Mario Lascano, an enologist graduated from Juan Agustín Maza University in Mendoza. He guides and supervises the making of our wines. Lascano is the head enologist of Infinitus, the winery that Fabré Montmayou owns in Patagonia, located in the outskirts of General Roca, about 20 miles away from our winery. Infinitus won in 2017 the IWST Argentine Wine Producer of the year and in 2018 the IWC Red Winemaker of the Year.

In the 2022 vintage we have increased our wine production by 40%, reaching a total of 21,000 bottles.

Our Kilómetro 1120 wines are enjoyed throughout the Alto Valle de Río Negro, where we market them directly, and in Las Grutas, Bariloche, Buenos Aires and Córdoba, marketed by distributors in each of these areas.